Why embroidery? Why Brother?
Here are the only three reasons you’ll need:


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Personalise and customise

Offering a customisation service means you can give your customers something unique, bespoke and totally personal to them.
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Value-added service

Offering in-house on-the-spot personalisation makes you fast and flexible, giving you the competitive advantage.
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Get more for less

Brother PR-embroidery machines have been recognised as market leaders for quality of output. This doesn’t mean they’re expensive, or hard to use -  quite the opposite. We design our machines to be easy to afford and easy-to-use. New staff can master basic usage in just 1.5 hours!
PR670E embroidery machine in shop setting

Why add embroidery to your existing business offering?

From monograming a formal shirt to adding team logos, offering a personalisation service lets you add value to the items you sell.

Modern customers want things turning around quickly. Offering an in-house embroidery service makes you fast, flexible and a one-stop shop for all your customers' needs.




What can you embroider?

What can you embroider?

Transform everyday items into truly bespoke products:
  • Embroider caps, athletic bags and shirts for local sports teams
  • Monogram shirts, aprons and uniforms for businesses
  • Personalise baby blankets and bibs
  • Monogram towels, robes and napkins for wedding or anniversary gifts
  • Personalise dog collars and other pet accessories
  • Create an endless variety of unique and profitable gift items

The possibilities are endless with Brother embroidery machines!

Which embroidery machine is right for your business?

Our product line-up is simple. Embroidery machines with ten, six or one needle. But embroidery is not only about needle numbers.
Have a look through our line-up to see which machine fits best with your business objectives. Look through our impressive line-up here.